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  • Live The Logical Song Roger Hodgson, Voice of Supertramp, w Orchestra

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    This is a beautiful orchestra version from co-founder of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson. Roger won the Ivor Novello Award from The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters for The Logical Song being named the best song both musically and lyrically. The Logical song also has the distinction of becoming one of the most quoted lyrics in schools.

    You can buy a single of The Logical Song directly from

    The Roger Hodgson Store is the only place you can buy directly from the artist and get his autographed CD’s. Go to

    Be sure to also follow Roger on Twitter at

    Please like this video and post a comment. You can check out my channel or go to Roger’s Official YouTube channel for more videos at

    Roger is currently touring and receiving fantastic reviews from media and fans alike. He performs in a variety of formats to include solo, with band, and with symphony orchestra.

    A couple shares from Roger’s concerts:

    “Last night was by far the most inspirational and heartfelt concert I have EVER attended. What a great band you have put together. I kept commenting to my wife, that song was from his heart. We both did what you wanted everyone attending to do, left the show with a smile on our face and tears in our eyes. Great to have you back!!!”

    “We were blown away and deeply moved by the honesty and sincerity of Roger Hodgson’s show…All of life’s problems disappeared, and we felt like teenagers again!”

    For the latest tour schedule and tickets go to Roger’s tour page at or his Official Facebook at

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