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    “The Worlds Leading Professional Mermaid Performer For Hire”
    Mermaid Melissa is a real life inspiration of living out your childhood dreams and making fantasy a reality. With a 4-5 minute breath hold, hands on experience working with killer whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and performing in aquariums worldwide. Melissa has turned her nickname into an entertainment agency business for her team of specialized performers and pursuing a passion she loves, sharing her tale of wanting to be one with the animals of the sea.
    As a professional aquatic stunt model, Melissa is heavily involved in the entertainment field. Several aquariums worldwide have featured Melissa as their lead mermaid act basing their million dollar projects around her famous original concepts, routines, ad campaigns, videos, & ability to train in performers for Japans largest Aquarium for over 20 million viewers on TV special, and lead mermaid for over 3 months, 4 shows a day, 7 day a week contracts.
    She credits her current ongoing career of 8 years as a pro free diver and her experience branching out in various high profile roles performing for crowds as big as 8,000 for the aquatic shows as a vital tool for public speaking and a strong determination to strive for something bigger to help our oceans.
    With the largest mermaid fan base (seen on social media outlets) since first debuting videos in 2005, she has since been seen as a mermaid on MTV, music videos, animal ambassador, PSA commercials, released a mermaids children’s book, monthly columnist, and makes a huge splash in the press where ever she is seen making live appearances!
    Melissa’s hopes that with entertainment we can spread education with her message: “Let’s help save our oceans before all creatures become Mythical.” is run by Mermaid Melissa LLC Production Company that develops and delivers a fully packaged show, customized to their specifications. Our Elite team has an extensive live show entertainment background.
    Mermaid Melissa’s Traveling Tank Bus Tour is underway! To schedule a stop at a location near you, contact:

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