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  • LITERAL Titanfall Trailer

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    THE TITANFALL TRAILER (full gameplay cinematic trailer) gets the LITERAL treatment in this explosion-filled, robotpocalypse of awesomeness. I wish I didn’t have to use words to describe the LITERAL Titanfall Trailer… actually I wish I didn’t even have to sing it. It just should’ve been me making explosion sounds with my mouth because that’s all I want this description to be. MYEEEEEOOWN, PWOOOSH, ohnogetoutoftheway!!!! RATTLERATTLERATTLE nooooooooooo! PFFFFFFFFFFFGHGHGHGHHTTTTT!

    I hope you love this Titanfall song as much as I loved doing it. So fun. Thanks for watching!

    Titanfall Giveaway Sweepstakes: *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Eligibility restrictions apply. Sweepstakes starts March 8, 2014 and ends May 11, 2014. Void where prohibited. Complete official rules can be found at or can be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: PO Box 1006, 12700 Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne CA 90250. Paid for by EA.

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