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  • LIPS Lesbian Web Series, Season 2, Eps 9 – Feat Sheetal Sheth

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    Rousaura (Sheetal Sheth) gives London (Flo Vinger) the lap dance of her life. London’s feelings spiral out of control for the first time.

    NEXT EPISODE (Season 2 Eps 10):

    Created by Flo Vinger

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    With sights set on performing live at Coachella, LIPS muddles through love quadrangles, friendship, crushes and a whimsical band dynamic. Their manager, a budding gay mafioso, killed their previous booking agent and scored their first gig at her wake.

    Special Guest stars: Elaine Hendrix (Parent Trap), Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect), Sheetal Sheth (Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, I Can’t Think Straight), Christine Lakin (Parental Guidance) and Debra Wilson (Mad TV).

    London London – Flo Vinger
    Bubba – Brian Jay Ecker
    Rosauada – Sheetal Sheth
    Endora – Hana Mae Lee
    Elaine Hendrix – herself
    Tough Rocker – Christine Lakin
    London London’s Ex – Debra Wilson
    Doris – Ashley St. Pierre
    Helen – Marlyse Londe
    Gino – Michael Cornacchia
    Armando – Bernardo Verdugo
    Sean – Joao Bounassar
    Didi – Vivi Rama
    Fiona – Alona Dadiani
    Janet – Janet Robin
    Amber – Amber Tisue
    Fiona’s Brother – Ross Blakeman
    Fiona’s Mom – Jennifer Anne
    Barista 1 – Adam Wasser
    Barista 2 – Lita Lopez
    Chad (Cameraman 1) – Timothy Gaer
    Andrew (Camerman 2) – Andrew Rudzewski

    Director – Flo Vinger
    Co-Director – Chad Callner (season 1)
    Assistant Director – Kate Tobia (season 2)
    Executive Producer: Flo Vinger
    Consulting Producer: Brian Jay Ecker (season 2)
    Associate Producer: Kate Tobia (season 2)
    Written by – Flo Vinger, Brian Ecker, Alison Brown (season 1)
    Vivi Rama (season 1) Alona Dadiani (season 1)
    Camera A – Timothy Gaer (season 2) Chad Callner (season 1)
    Camera B – Andrew Rudzewski (season 2)
    Steadicam Operator – Cole Welendorf (season 2)
    Additional Camera Operators – Flo Vinger and Brian Jay Ecker
    Director of Photography – Timothy Gaer (season 2) Justin Safaei (season 1)
    Sound Mixer & Boom – Dave Ross (season 2)
    Boom – Will Bohland (season 2)
    Gaffer – Sarah Fox (season 2)
    Gaffer – Karen Stuhr
    Lead Grip & Boom Operator – Brannon Westfall (season 1)
    Editor & Composer – Flo Vinger
    Additional Audio and Sweetening – Aaron Scott (season 2)
    Choreographer – Raquel Horsford
    Hair and Make-up – Pavy Olivarez
    Writing Consultant – Alison Brown (season 2)
    Insurance – John Hart
    Special Thanks! Robert Green & Robert Sliter @ bodyfactory
    and Melanie and Phil @ Swing House Studios.

    © 2013 Stretch Productions
    For more information please contact Flo Vinger

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