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  • Lip Art: Viva La Diva

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    Another look in the lip art series.
    I’m sure loads of you have seen this design at some point or other, so here’s just a quick tutorial for how I created the look:) Obviously this is not a “wearable look”, If you decided to wear it for a party or a night out I don’t advise you do anything that could result in on of the rhinestones ending up in your mouth or you swallowing them. You wont choke on it but I cant imagine that the DUO glue would agree with your stomach and the last thing you want is a nasty reaction.

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    What I used:

    e.l.f Eye Primer:

    A lip color of your choice

    Rhine Stones (E-Bay):

    DUO glue:

    Music is by Kevin MacLeod:


    Everything except for the e.l.f eye primer was bought and paid for with my own money. I am not being paid to use any of the products used, shown or mentioned. I use them because they are affordable and good quality.

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