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  • Lil Guardian Pyro – [Saxxy 2013]

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    If you enjoyed this short, please support us and vote for us below at the Saxxies! The team and I would really appreciate it! ^_^

    This is our group Team Fortress 2 submission for Valve’s ‘Saxxy’ annual animated film competition.

    [Note that this upload is not the final submission; so it is over 5 minutes]

    Pyro leaves a little angel to guard a sentry for him, but is the tiny toy up to the task?

    The Official Soundtrack is available here!


    Directed By
    Brent “CobaltGemini” Kennedy

    Assistant Director
    August “Rantis” Loolam

    Primary Animation and Custom Models by
    Brent Kennedy
    August Loolam

    Sound Design, Secondary Animation, Lighting and Editing
    Harry “Harry101UK” Callaghan

    Original Score By
    Hasan “HasanGuitar” Abdullah

    Additional Animation by
    Keaton ‘Winslow Magne” Brockway

    Particle Effects by
    Martin “ChaoFanatic” Ellis

    Animated entirely in Source Filmmaker.


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