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    平凡な一日(10:16 a.m.)
    Daily life of my home
    The cat was massaging the prairie dog today.
    Prairie dogs like grooming by the cat.

    Prairie dog’s baby likes cats.
    And, the baby loves the cat to do the grooming.
    He of the baby likes cat’s grooming better than his mama and papa. 6(^-^;)

    In my home, prairie dogs are stronger than cats.
    The cat was originally a homeless cat.
    He who was the kitten of the character of loneliness grew up with the prairie dog.

    Does the cat attack small animals without fail?
    Is the prairie dog a dangerous ground squirrel?
    Please get rid of one’s prejudice and look. = )

    [Prairie dog's baby&Cat 7 =more..more...(2) ]
    ( )
    ↑丁度 2010年7月24日に撮った映像だったので再びUPしています。
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    音楽を付けてはいけないらしいので。。。no music ver.


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