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  • Let’s Play Disney Infinity CARS Play Set

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    Today we are trying out CARS Play Set for Disney Infinity.

    This play set is not included in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.

    Today we are using the regular red Lightning McQueen that comes with the play set (Also comes with Holley Shiftwell) and the Toys “R” Us exclusive Crystal Lightning McQueen.

    The game is fun. It has the typical Disney Infinity “Missions” but features a lot of races, which is not like the other play sets that we’ve tested.

    Cars figures include:
    Lightning McQueen
    Crystal Lightning McQueen (Toys “R” Us exclusive)
    Tow Mater
    Holley Shiftwell

    We are playing 2 player co-op mode and the view is split screen, giving you a smaller field of view. But it does let each character roam wherever he/she wants without having to wait for the other character. It also gives you another perspective/view of the environment.

    There’s still have a lot to discover in this play set (probably a lot of things that will make the gameplay easier. Tell us what you think?

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