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  • Lesbian convent girls kiss in bed – Hangyaboly (1971)

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    Pretty convent girls Erzsi (Györgyi Andai, left) and Helénke (Jaroslava Schallerová) have spent such a long day doing their schoolwork and saying their prayers that their minds are still too abuzz to sleep. So why not climb into bed together and chat awhile, and maybe comfort each other with the odd cuddle and kiss as well?

    This is from Hangyaboly (1971), a vintage Hungarian drama set in a convent. This story of internal politicking amongst cloistered nuns is enough to hold the attention of even the most jaded viewer. And, purely as a sidenote, one can also see such things as girls frolicking topless in the dorm and slipping out of their nightdresses under the light of the moon.

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