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  • Les Revenants (The Returned) | Missing

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    [trigger warning for images that might be considered shocking]
    “For years, I’ve felt incapable of living. What if it’s because… I’m dead?”

    “Another new fandom?”, I hear you think. Yes, another new fandom, if only for the reason to tell you that you should watch this damn show.

    I binge-watched Les Revenants when I came back from NYC to stay wake and not let my jet lag get the best of me. And I thought the show was absolutely perfect, even though everyone’s a total asshole, except for Julie and Madame Costa. That might show a bit in the video, but I really tried to show most characters though.

    Special thanks to Sophie (surendertorandomness) for being her awesome self (and helping me out a bit with all the French that is going on on this show)!

    For those wondering; I still have an OITNB video and that Love Natural video in the making (and also a few others that I never mentioned, which might include an Orphan Black video), but sometimes when you’re really passionate about something, it just has to be done first (like this video). So hopefully you’ll enjoy this video!

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