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  • LEGO City Undercover (Wii U) – Complete Playthrough – Chapter 10 ‘Back on the Case’

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    This is chapter 10 of my LEGO City Undercover walkthrough. This chapter is called ‘Back on the Case’

    With his new found farming skills, Chases makes quick use of the chicken to find a secret entrance into the museum. Here, he begins special assignment 8 ‘The Colossal Fossil Hustle’ on a mission for Vinnie Pappalardo to steal the T-Rex exhibit. After finding enough superbricks, Chase builds the T-rex exhibit and breaks his way out of the museum.

    After successfully delivering the T-Rex to the airport for Vinnie, he soon soon has another mission for Chase McCain, stealing a boat from the fire department (special assignment 9 ‘Hot Property’). Once his mission is complete, Natalia once again informs Chase that she’s in trouble. Chase McCain sets out for Mercy hospital to save her from another group of thugs.

    Visit this playlist for a complete playthrough of all 15 chapters.

    Check out this playlist for 100% guides on all of the areas in LEGO City – This is currently a work in progress and will get new videos often.


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