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  • LEGO City 2014 Police Station set 60047 reviewed!

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    Answers to common questions & thoughts:

    Q: What’s the price of [some set] & where can I buy it?
    A: Search for the product by name and view the shopping results to quickly & easily see the current price range & availability. I buy from Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, wherever toys are sold.

    Q: Can you show your whole custom layout?
    A: See the dedicated playlist on my channel. Every time there’s anything new to show, I show it!

    Q: Will you put [some official set] in your custom layout?
    A: Nope. My custom layout is custom :) No official sets!

    Q: What does M-O-C stand for?
    A: My Own Creation. It means anything custom-made, not following any official instructions.

    Q: Will you make a how-to or instructions for a custom creation?
    A: Sorry, how-to vids take far more time than I can afford to spend. However, I usually show enough detail in my videos to let anyone Pause & see the construction of my MOCs.

    Q: Will you sell or give me your [set/parts/creation]?
    A: No. Sorry :(

    Q: How do you get your money to buy this stuff?
    A: I am an adult who works. Hard. Really hard.

    Q: Why don’t you show your FACE in all of your videos?
    A: I show my face in many videos on multiple channels, but JANGBRiCKS isn’t about my face. It’s about building toys. So I show those!

    Q: I hit thumbs down on a video. Are you devastated yet?
    A: On the contrary! I thank you for your help! Every thumb down OR up counts equally as “user engagement” which boosts the video in search results for more views!

    Q: I read the title and then watched the video, but I don’t like the topic in the first place. Why did you upload this?
    A: Don’t watch videos you don’t want to watch :)

    Q: If I copy/paste a comment repeatedly, ask people to “plz like” my post, or SCREAM IN ALL CAPS, will you respond?
    A: No. Please don’t do any of that. Ever.

    Q: 1st? 2nd? 100th?!
    A: Abject failure.

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