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  • LDS Bishop on Masturbation and Morality

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    Recorded Aug 26th, 2012 from a special combined LDS meeting in North Ogden, UT. The topic is supposed to have come from a regional meeting, although it may have been inspired by my meeting with the bishop the week before when I protested the bishop talking about masturbation with my 8 year old for his baptismal interview.
    The meeting was so important to them, that they took role of who showed up that Sunday, so that they could go visit the families in their homes who weren’t present that day and give the presentation to them as well. 11:55 to 12:40 is where he talks how he explains to 8 year olds about their privates, but says that it may not be enough. He’s concerned about how little kids don’t know what chastity really is. 25:00-26:15 Questions for potential missionaries: same gender attraction, petting, masturbation, pornography. 26:35 Six month minimum waiting period after any of those sins are committed. 47:25-47:55 Apology to offended people, but excuses himself because of his “mantle.”

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