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Lazy USPS Driver throws heavy box with hard drive against garage door
Edit: click the SHOW MORE link! Just a few clarifications, since I'm getting a lot of hate: This video is real, the van belongs to a rural mail carrier working for the USPS. This is not the first time this has happened, there have been plenty of instances where mail was delivered like this (see links below), and I even reported it before. In this specific instance, I don't think there was any damage caused by this drop (having trouble with the drive, but hopefully not related), but it wouldn't be the first time something got damaged. If you watch carefully, you can see the door being pushed in. Yes, I understand boxes can go through rough(er) handling while in transit, but that's not the point, not to mention being dropped on top of another box or conveyer belt is not the same thing. I have been contacted by the USPS, so hopefully things will calm down now. To the organizations interested in buying the rights to the video: I'm not interested in selling this video. It was just a small story to tell, and there is a lot more important stuff going on in the world. I thank you for your interest, but I can't release copyright. Original Description: Recorded Mon Mar 24 14 20 27 2014 Since people seem to like the video, here are 2 more of previous mail 'drops'.
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