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  • Laughing Gas Infused Cocktails

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    Who wants to wait weeks for an infused cocktail when you can make your own in two minutes? Join Anthony and Tara as they booze it up with nitrous oxide, AKA laughing gas.

    Experiment Tips:
    - Cold ingredients will result in a weaker infusion. Use warm or room temperature foods and liquids for the most flavorful results.
    - Use two nitrous oxide canisters to fully infuse the liquid with the food items.
    - If liquor isn’t an option, infusions can also be done with oils and/or milk.
    - Overall cost: ~$25 for whip cream dispenser, ~$10 for ten N2O chargers.

    Infusion Recipes

    Fast vs. Slow Infusion

    How It Works

    When you charge your whipper with nitrous oxide, high pressure forces liquid and nitrous oxide into the pores of your flavorful food. When you release the pressure inside the whipper, the nitrous forms bubbles and escapes from the food quickly, bringing flavor and liquid out with it.

    The Father of High Tech Cocktails – Dave Arnold

    Special thanks to our Science Advisors: Kishore Hari and Zeke Kossover (

    Join Anthony Carboni and Tara Long as they turn the world around them into a giant science experiment. New episodes every Wednesday!

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