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  • Lady Gaga Flashes Boobs in Home Video, Plays with Elton John Son

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    Forget Prince Harry! Lady Gaga shows off her twins in a recent home video! I’m Misty Kingma, and you’re tuned in to ClevverMusic. Unlike Prince Harry who just had TMZ leak nude photos of him from a wild night in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga is no stranger to nudity. She recently debuted a nude ‘Fame’ fragrance ad and a photo of her in nothing but a nude thong. The difference is that Gaga reveals her nudity herself- and Prince Harry doesn’t.

    In a recent ‘Monstervision’ video, which are Gaga’s home vlogs posted to her YouTube channel- if you didn’t know, Gaga reveals three clips of private footage shot herself. The first clip in ‘Monstervision 3′ Gaga is her playing with her Godson Zachary, who Daddy is Elton John. Gaga seems at ease with the baby and it couldn’t be cuter.

    In the next clip is where Gaga flashes her boobs. It’s Christmas and Gaga is dancing with her Mom to one of her hit songs “Sheisse” and Gaga decides to flash the camera twice with her bare breasts. The weirdest part of it for us is that her Mom is watching.

    In the last clip in ‘Monstervision 3′, Gaga shares a never-before-seen rehearsal footage of her “You and I” VMA performance from 2011.

    Check out the full ‘Monstervision 3′ vlog by clicking the link below and tell us if you love Gaga even more now, orrr a little less? Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic, and we’ll keep you update on ALL Gaga news, bye Little Monsters

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