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  • Lacey Wildd: largest boobs

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    The proud owner of unique breasts, Lacey Wildd, is eager to take the first place on the list of women with largest breasts in the world.
    The 44-year-old mother of six, based in Florida, is already listed among seven ladies who own the world’s largest breasts. She says that she she has been doing all that for the sake of her children. The latter, however, have repeatedly asked their mom to wind up with surgeries. One of Lacey’s daughters faced teasing at school because of her mother’s appearance.
    The American lady is not listening to her children’s concerns. Her large breasts have made her wanted in the world of show business. She appears in films, TV shows, advertisements and has thousands of online fans. Wildd was a showgirl in Vegas when she was younger.. After marrying in her 20s and having children, she decided to focus on her family and became a stay-at-home mother.
    Lacey Willd has had more than 10 surgeries. The first one, as she says, changed her life completely.

    Busty glamor model to go from LLL to a Q cup after raising $23k in donations from fans

    Busty glamour model Lacey Wildd has raised $23,000 in donations from fans to take her size triple-L breasts up to Q cup.
    The 45-year-old, mother-of-six, from Miami, Florida, told the Sun Sentinel that the operation, her thirteenth in total, is set for early 2014.
    Plastic surgeons will insert implants weighing a total of 42pounds into her chest, seeing her claim title to the largest augmented breasts in the world.

    Currently the top spot is held by Maxi Mounds, who wears a U.S. size 42M bra.
    Ms Wildd said that she is ‘nervous’ about her surgery, paid for by internet donations, as medical experts have repeatedly warned her it’s not safe.

    Her chest is already so heavy at 21pounds, that she had to have an internal bra made of pigskin and her own muscle implanted into her torso.
    But the bubbly blonde insists that her ambition to increase the size of her breasts is actually for her children’s welfare.

    Boobs make many butch / masculine women feel femme.

    Woman Wants Biggest BOOBS In The World — Lacey Wild
    Lacey Wildd a mother of four is looking to leave a legacy for her children by having the world’s largest breasts.

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