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  • [Kyouto Drift] – Togethia – Zandvoort Japanese Autosport Festival 2012

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    [Varrstoen Wheels] – Togethia / Kyouto Drift – Zandvoort Japanese Autosport Festival 2012
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    Togethia Media Services follow Kyouto Drift and Dragon Performance to Zandvoort Circuit in Holland for the Japanese Autosport Festival 2012

    Watch as we see Kyouto Drift prepare to tackle one of the largest Japanese car events in Europe, with all the trials and tribulations that accompanied their adventure.
    In particular, Nick Seward who managed to build a Trust RB27 from the ground up, for his S15, just 12 hours before the event. Without sleep he loads the car onto the trailer and heads for Holland. As a result he has to run the engine in by doing lap after lap in the circuit car park, the day before the event.
    Dedication? We think so…
    In addition to the team we also covered and included a feature for Varrstoen Wheels. If you are interested in a set then contact Dragon Performance via

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    Audio — Monstercat Media [Tracks featured included in credits] — Follow them on Facebook

    Filmed – Peter Farrow, Tim F.Matthews, Matthew Higgins,
    Edited – Tim F.Matthews
    Producers – Pete Farrow

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