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  • Korean singer Ailee’s dirty pictures go viral!

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    Nude photos of Korean pop sensation Ailee were posted online last Sunday and quickly went viral.

    US Korean pop music website allkpop posted a series of nudes of the songstress last Sunday and claimed they were taken before her musical debut. In the images Ailee, who shot to fame with her song “I Will Show You”, is seen cupping her breasts and showing off her entire body.

    Referred to by many as the “Korean Beyoncé”, the US-born 24-year-old is known to wear revealing dresses in public.

    While her record company has yet to respond to the allegations, on Monday Ailee publicly admitted the photos were indeed of her.

    She said the photos were taken before her debut as part of an audition for a bra ad. Ailee says her attempts to contact the bra company have failed and has reported the incident to the police.


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