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  • Kangal dog guards Ostrich & Emu – BIG BIRDS & still growing

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    Can you believe the birds are almost 9 months old and still growing? They’re so big now they make Chomby look so small. They’ve all been doing very well despite Mormor’s debilitating condition. He eats on a raised feeder now, which is working well for him. It seems the more he grows the more crooked his neck gets. It’s very sad. I feel strongly that many of these deformities that take place during egg development are due to overbreeding in North American ostriches. But despite his condition, Mormor, although clumsy, is still very much able to do the things a normal ostrich does, just with a little help. I sit outside with him and make sure he gets his fair share of food. Chomby is a great protector to them and so sweet and gentle. He checks on them continually throughout the day and is always watching out for danger.

    The other ostrich is called Sniper and the lighter colored Emu is Fig and the larger darker one is called Kabul.

    Find out more about Chomby here:

    Find out more about the Emu & Ostriches by visiting the virtual Barn:

    Want to make a donation toward the animal’s care? You can send them a gift through Camels & Friends very own wish list:

    I hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll have many more this week, including another video featuring the Jacob Sheep.

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