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  • Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center – Babesaurus (Part 1 of 2)

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    Brace yourself, people. The game decided to think outside the box and do something… original. What follows is a mash-up of Jurassic Park meets The Fox & The Hound in the worst possible way. Sworn enemies go on a holiday, T-Rex Jr. acts like a douchebag, and l’il raptor learns TELEPOR’! (Yes, that was an ElectricalBeast reference.)

    Hold onto your butts for the gripping conclusion to this thrilling adventure!


    In 1994 Hi Tech Entertainment made the “DOS CD” classic, Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center. It was a Mario Paint/Kid Pix style program that allowed children to create dinosaur themed works of art, play dinosaur games, and listen to some awesome dinosaur stories. Those dinosaur stories are nothing short of mini-masterpieces. I decided I couldn’t keep these to myself and have ripped both the audio and artwork for you good people. Enjoy.

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