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  • Julia burn awareness, before&after my accident(graphic)

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    The second to last pic is not a recent one it was taken before the accident,
    I put it there as a reminder of how quick things change. I was burned on march 14, 2009 at a bonfire, I burned nearly 80% of my body luckily only about 75% in third degree. I spent 8 months recovering at Shriners child burn hospital in Boston. Its now been four years since the accident, I was burned while at a bonfire with friends, I made the mistake of pouring gas on the embers of our fire, the can slipped and exploded. There were no drugs or alcohol at the party.

    Commenting has been removed do to the recent number of rude, threatening, and disrespectful comments. I am sorry that now people who have meaningful things to say cant comment but this is a step i feel i had to take.

    the name of the music is survive by lacuna coil.

    Link to twitter account:!/juliaroselee
    link to my Deviantart where i write stories:

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