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  • John Daly Hits Golf Ball Off Someones Mouth

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    If you’re going to let someone hit a golf ball off your mouth, make sure it’s John Daly.
    There isn’t much in the way of a backstory, as if we need one, but we do have the following caption to consider: “3 time PGA champion John Daly takin some swings out back of Soulshine pizza #nashville #golf#sundayfunday.”

    Now, Daly is a far less inebriated and far more svelte version of his former self these days. However, it’s nice to know that the tour’s resident party boy can still entertain with wonderful inanity all while chowing down on some pizza.

    We have to stress that you not try this particular trick at home, though, because the obvious as well as the downright unthinkable could happen.

    At worst, you smack your easily convinced pal in the side of the head. At weirdest, you get a tee impaled into his tongue.

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