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  • JFK Phone Call – JFK Cursing on Phone

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    11/17/2013 – Be sure to subscribe for the latest Silly Bastard updates. Hopefully will be showing the film around in 2014.

    09/17/2013 – Here’s the downlow on the whole “Second Silly Bastard” Theory:

    The Silly Bastard is Here:

    = = =

    In this excerpt from the JFK Tapes, President Kennedy places a telephone call to an Air Force general and curses him out for spending money on Mrs. Kennedy’s maternity suite.

    I pulled the image of “that silly bastard” out of a microfilm copy of The Washington Post. The picture that’s in the film is the same one that Kennedy was looking at that sent him into the stratosphere.

    Listen to the first call he made about the furniture here –


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