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  • Jeremy Scahill: Does David Gregory Believe NBC Journalists Should Be Prosecuted For Snowden Story?

    Partilha no teu site ou blog: – Jeremy Scahill, producer and writer of the documentary film “Dirty Wars,” talks about the pressure facing journalists reporting on the leaks of Edward Snowden. Just this week, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper suggested journalists could be considered accomplices of Snowden.

    Jeremy Scahill says: Edward Snowden’s lawyer, one of his lawyers, legal advisers, Jesselyn Radack, was on Meet the Press, you know, with David Gregory, and David Gregory was basically saying, you know, “How is Snowden suffering?” I mean, this is a guy that gave up, probably forever, life in the free world. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Moscow if I were him. But here’s my question for David Gregory. “Mr. Glenn Greenwald, don’t you think you should be prosecuted for this?” I mean, that’s what Gregory said when Glenn Greenwald was on Meet the Press . NBC News—you should go to their website—just did a major exposé with Glenn Greenwald on the British intelligence services tapping into pipelines and monitoring social media sites and YouTube and other things. David Gregory should have on the NBC journalists. Richard Esposito, the head of the investigations division, should have to sit in front of David Gregory on Meet the Press and be asked, “Richard Esposito, don’t you think you should be going to prison for having done this story?” I mean, let’s be fair here with the Meet the Press release. They should actually have to ask tough questions of their own people.

    Click here to watch the full interview:

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