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  • Je Suis le Seigneur du Château – Eng subtitles

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    An excerpt from Régis Wargnier’s wrenching and poetic film from 1989 about the ongoing conflict between two young boys. Charles and his mother move to a large chateau, where she will be Thomas’s governess, and Charles his playmate. But Thomas is severely disturbed after his mother’s death, and seeing that Charles’s mother is being groomed to take his mother’s place, torments Charles to drive them away. Thomas sees his mother’s growing affection for Thomas’s father; he wants her to be happy but believes he will lose her, there being no place for him in this new family that is forming. Regis Arpin is Thomas, David Behar is Charles.

    The film is based on “I’m the King of the Castle,” by British novelist Susan Hill. The book was an unremitting portrait of a boy being squeezed out of a newly forming family. The film is more subtle and nuanced about the characters’ motivations.

    English subtitles are available as Closed Captions by clicking on on the arrow in the lower right of the picture.

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