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  • Jamie McCartney – The Great Wall of Vagina Clip 10

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    As part of his latest exhibition at Hay Hill Gallery, artist Jamie McCartney presents a large-scale wall sculpture entitled, The Great Wall of Vagina – which consists of an entire wall taken over by sculptural casts of female genitalia. The work may seem shocking but there is good reason: to attempt to counter the recent rise in cosmetic labial surgery.

    The exhibition also includes the artist’s latest body of work entitled Physical Photography, which takes a similarly direct approach to the human form. Using a document scanner to photograph his models, he brings a close up and vivid realism to these life-sized portraits. The beautiful images are testament to what happens when you let an artist loose on a bit of technology.

    Jamie’s eagerly awaited debut exhibition opens at the Hay Hill Gallery on London’s Cork Street on May 8th 2012.


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