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  • JAGER PRO™ Hog Trapping (14)- 12/12 Success in June Corn

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    This segment will demonstrate the successful method and technology used to remove all 12 feral hogs from a 20 acre corn field within 8 days. We will discuss each step of the M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System in detail to reinforce the ability to perform 100% capture results during June corn planting. An Integrated Pest Management model for feral hogs is necessary to stop the future education and reproduction of an entire generation. The same eradication model is currently used by the pest control industry to tackle termites, rats and cockroaches.

    We successfully demonstrate the efficient removal of 37 future problems on an Alabama farm within 96 hours of building the enclosure without wasting any fuel, time or labor. The MINE Trapping System proved to be an efficient control method in this specific situation.

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