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    I know how people like to pick apart these videos with idiotic comments. So I will first say, I normally do not encourage my children to climb the side of the pool. I know they do it when they think I’m not looking and when I “catch” them I tell them to get down and its not ok. This day was strictly for an example and I even explained that we were going to show our friends what NOT to do with a pool.

    My kids are lucky though. They are specially trained in ISR self rescue so if something were to happen they could save themselves from drowning.

    I want to share this because I think its important for parents to know what their kids are capable of and that ISR will save them. I have other videos showing some ISR skills.

    This clip shows just one example why all young children should be taught ISR skills.

    In this clip you see my boys (3yrs old and 20 months old) showing their ability to climb the side of our 4 foot pool. We take the ladder out so they can’t get in when we are not there but obviously that is no longer enough. They are able to climb the side on their own. Soon even the baby will be over the side.

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