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  • Is French Rafale better than Russian Su-35?

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    French 4th generation fighter jet Dassault Rafale, which translates as “squall” was one of the first to perform a demonstration flight at Le Bourget Air Show.

    The jet was created as a fighter-bomber and interceptor. The aircraft was designed for winning superiority in the air and for bombing ground targets.

    This aircraft has an unusual shape of a duck, which implies low triangle midwing and high-set horizontal fins.

    A half of the fuselage is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and aluminum-lithium alloy was used for side panels of the fuselage skin.

    The wing fuselage fairing is made of Kevlar, which makes the aircraft much more secure.

    Powerful combat equipment of the fighter jet makes it possible to strike nearly all types of targets. The fighter is equipped with a 30-millimeter gun with the rate of up to 2,500 shots per minute.

    However, experts believe that the Russian Su-35 surpasses the French Rafale in the air.

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