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  • Invisible Polymers Glow Spit Balls ~ Incredible Science

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    Get these Glow Spit Balls Invisible Polymer Balls Science Toy and many others at Find us on Facebook at: Now, take the madness of Spit Balls to a whole new level-in the night! They will glow for hours in the dark and when put under a black-light! Do you need to exact revenge on an unsuspecting co-worker or cheating classmate? Try a Spit Ball. These Spit Balls are amazing wonders of chemistry that are slimy and gross to the touch. These reusable Spit Balls can bounce and then explode on target. They grow 200x their size, slip, slide, and explode! You will have hours of fun mastering the simple art of Spit Ball launching. Spit Balls are safe and non-toxic. For more fun check out our classic Clear Spit Balls.

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