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  • Invisible part: my first attempt at sewing it in (not a tutorial)

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    Halley’s Curls Miami Relaxed (
    14″ bottom
    12″ top
    I did not cut any of the length.

    Thoughts on the hair: I kept it in for 3 weeks. I prefer wigs so I can care for my natural hair with a little more TLC. I still have the hair and plan on using it again. It shed a lot b/c I did not seal the wefts so be sure to follow the pre-installation directions. I used a leave in conditioner on it to keep it moisturized and wrapped it at night. Definitely better than cheap curly hair. It is still high maintenance but remember–it’s curly hair. Hope this helps.

    Whatever braiding pattern you do, make sure the front is small/flat and neat. I sewed a net (regular weaving net that can be purchased at local beauty supply store) onto my braids to make sure everything remained secure.

    This is NOT A TUTORIAL. I am just showing my first attempt.

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