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  • Introduction to Servers

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    Level: Beginner
    Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
    Date Created: March 23, 2010
    Length of Class: 52 Minutes


    Purpose of Class

    Discusses what servers are and misconceptions about them.
    Topics Covered

    Definition of a Server
    Server Operating Systems
    Server Hardware
    Server Functions
    Class Notes

    Defining a Server
    A server provides services to other computers on a network. A server can be an expensive Windows 2008 Server, or a simple Windows XP Home computer with a shared printer.
    Operating System
    Server Operating Systems are more stable and secure then Desktop operating Systems
    Server Operating Systems and their Software are generally much more expensive then Desktop counterparts
    Server Operating Systems are generally not as easy to administer as Desktop Operating Systems
    A Server can use ANY hardware to operate, but Server Hardware is made to be more reliable then desktop hardware.
    Xeon Processors are standard processors used in servers
    Redundant Power Supply allow one power Supply to Fail while the Server is Still Running
    RAID — Allows for a Hard Drive to fail without crashing the Server
    ECC RAM is RAM that does a self test. It is more stable then regular RAM, but much more expensive.
    Types of Servers
    Software features — multiple features can be on one box
    Security and Authentication gives access to network resources
    Print Servers share printers on a network
    File Servers share files on a network
    Web/ FTP Servers provide websites on a network
    Mail Servers provide email routing for an organization
    Database Servers store data for outside applications
    Remote Access Servers allow Internet users to access the internal network. Usually a VPN connection.
    Final Thoughts…
    Buy what you need… Many people buy a $5000 server when all they need is a Dell bargain bin system.

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