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  • Introducing *Architect*

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    Have you ever thought of creating your own mobile app?

    Well, now you can. Architect is a revolutionary way of creating and generating mobile apps from the palm of your hand and without programming.

    Architect allows you to make your own content-drive app straight from your device and within minutes!

    It is simply the easiest, fastest, most affordable way to create your own native looking mobile web app. All you need is your creativity, and Architect will take care of the rest. Wether you already have an idea or want to be a part of the mobile phenomena, your App is just a few minutes away.

    You can now have the app you always wanted for your business, organization, musical band, special event or anything in between by using a variety of multiple:

    - Lists Types
    - Menus Styles
    - Color Schemes
    - Feed Connectors
    - Image Screens
    - Map Visualizations
    - Video Players
    - External Actions
    - Among many other options and features

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