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  • Intro to Kiteboarding – Learn to Kiteboard – Trainer Kite Instructional Video

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    Visit our Beginner’s Section of our website for a complete guide to getting started, finding lessons and buying gear! . Questions? Email for any advice you need! We want you to learn quickly and safely!

    Watch and learn how to properly rig, launch and land a 4 line kite used in kiteboarding / kitesurfing. Learn about the wind, the wind window and how to safely operate a kite in order to generate power and lift used on the water when kiteboarding.

    Video was shot in Brazil in Cumbuco.

    Learn kiteboarding in one of our Ocean Rodeo kite schools!

    Video credit: Jeremie Tronet:

    Music credit
    Part I:
    Dub terminator
    Mouse Killer

    Part II:
    Dub terminator
    Sub hitter

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