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  • Infinity Art’s Lighted RV Ceiling Medallion

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    Custom made by
    Infinity Art of Elkhart, Indiana as an aftermarket add-on previously reserved for
    $300,000 + coaches.

    A superb light-weight ceiling mirror that creates the feeling of open air and tall ceilings during the day, and a beautiful art piece at night when lit.

    Replaces a 12 volt recessed ceiling light in any motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer or limousine.
    A 24 volt model is also available for our bus converters.

    Draws only 3-4 amps when fully lit, designed for 12-14.5 volt negative ground systems

    Use’s RGB LED’s for many color combinations that are controlled by a 44 button programable remote

    Low Profile:
    Only 2″ Thick

    Can be custom fabricated in two or three pieces to frame A/C intakes if desired.

    3 Way Lights:
    Cove lighting around edges, puck lights, and RGB LED’s between mirrors give a deep dome effect.

    Not made of glass!
    60″ x 23″ weighs only 19 lbs.
    96″ x 23″ weighs only 31 lbs.

    12-14.5V or 24 V

    Can be covered in any fabric or ultra-leather of your choice.

    Only available from

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