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  • India – Street Food

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    I’d like to introduce you to pani puri. pani = hindi for water
    puri = the light crispy round balls

    The puri are stuffed with a chickpea mixture, dipped in the liquid (which can take on an assortment of seasonings), and placed one at a time on your plate, meant to be placed/stuffed whole in the mouth. Simply stand there and eat until you can’t eat no more. Then you finish with a dry one.

    there’s a wonderful documentary on water. can be watched here: – anyway, i mention it because it speaks a lot about the properties of water such as memory and sensitivity to vibrations and communication between bodies of water (including the water in your body!) in this sense, it matters what an individual brings to the experience. in my case, i am a traveler and i ate this food with out any illness. sometimes travelers also have a compromised immune system just because travel can take it out on you. in either case, if one is afraid, better to not do it because in my experience it is an important variable determining how the interaction with food born pathogens plays out within a body.

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