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  • Imogen Heap Performance with Musical Gloves Demo: Full Wired Talk 2012

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    Imogen Heap Performance with Musical Gloves Demo: Full Wired Talk 2012


    For the full story on Imogen Heap’s Performance with her Musical Gloves on Wired:

    “It’s the sustain! It’s never done that before!” Imogen Heap breaks out of a captivating performance of a song written just three weeks ago for a piece of tech she’s had to wait two-and-a-half years to get her hands on.

    Covering Heap’s hands, arms and back are a series of wires. Two LEDs blink on the back of her hands. She adjusts a setting on her computer and composes herself in the centre of the stage, eager to continue the performance. Despite the minor hitch, the Wired 2012 audience are still captivated by the award-winning musician — if anything, the error only makes her passion for the new technology all the more obvious.

    Heap told Wired 2012 that before she got her hands on her “magical gloves”, she would make music with an array of instruments and virtual instruments, along with Albeton music software: “Basically, inside this software I can play virtual instruments and loop things, add layers and textures that I spend hours working on in my basement. But I wanted to bring those sounds on stage with me. I strapped keyboards onto me, had microphones attached to my wrists so that I can mic up wine glasses or guitars or whatever I wanted to record. The problem was, how could I do this on the move.

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