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  • “I’m 80% Girl, 20% Boy”

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    A short film from the UK directed by Maxx Ginnane. The film focuses on 29-year-old Adele, an intersex person (XXY). Born with ambiguous genitalia, she was surgically “corrected” (four operations by the time she was seven) and brought up as a boy, yet she has always felt that she was a girl. Though Adele is now pursuing gender reassignment surgery to become a woman, she muses as the film ends “I’ve lived 30 years of my life as a man, and I’m going to live the next 30 years of my life as a woman. But, eventually, when I’m an old person, hopefully society will have moved on to a point where I can live as myself — which is an intersexed person — neither male nor female.”

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