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  • I AM GOLD – Alex Boye (Africanized Dubstep)

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    Written by Alex Boye’, produced by Marko G

    “I AM”…Two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them, shapes your reality.
    I was told “If you want to know what your life will be like in 5 years time, just listen to what you are saying about yourself today.”

    I believe we become what we think about most of the time.
    I developed this thing with myself called bronze silver and I am gold conversation
    Athletes seem to know this. Those who think like a gold medalists, are most likely to get the gold. I believe that is the same with life.
    Do we speak with each other and ourselves in bronze, silver, or Gold conversation?
    What comes out of your mouth will determine your future. BE GOLD!

    It is my hope that this song will inspire you to higher and healthy and positive thinking in day to day life. Why? because we were all born to be GOLD

    “I Am Gold” Alex Boye’


    Contact Nathan Pickett and Zac Durrant with NP Films:

    Phone: (801) 628-5439


    Special Thanks:

    To Julie Boye’ & Becky Seifers for bringing grace and dance skills on a paddle board, and being open to my crazy idea!

    Hyperlite Wakeboards – Hyperlite NorCal- Utah

    Only Protein

    Marine Products

    Common Threads


    Thanks to Caden Handley, And Jason Harward for the boats! Wakeboarders: Hayden Hargraves, Colton BrockBank

    Contact (older Wakeboarder) Colton at:

    Music produced by MARKO. G (Producer for Lindsey Stirling)

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