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  • Hypnotized Man Makes Best Surprise Marriage Proposal! Amazing Result!

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    On August 17th, 2013 I decided to propose to my girlfriend Christine. I wanted to make it something she would remember for the rest of our lives. Many times I would hear friends and strangers tell me stories about the proposal and they either seemed unenthusiastic about how it went down or it was a story where you really had to be there to understand. So I decided to think outside the box and do something she would always remember.

    We had been going out 6 years so I knew it was going to be hard to surprise her.
    Step1: Pick a venue that we do every year. In our case we attend the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) every year and do our best to catch as many shows as possible.

    Step2: Think big, be bold and be unique but also think about the logisitics. I wanted to arrange a large group of friends to help hold signs as we rode the gondola across the CNE but it was going to be too hard to arrange all the friends to meet up, plus buy everyones ticket into the park. So I looked up performers that would be at the CNE and The Incredible Boris the Hypnotist grabbed my attention. So I sent him an email and hoped he would respond and within an hour he asked me to call him.

    Step3: Don’t ignore the signs. Timing worked out, this was Boris’ first year at the CNE and he wanted to make an impression so all I had to do in return was promote my proposal as much as possible; which I was more than happy to do.

    Step4: Ask you friends. I had 2 other couples join in on the fun to help take photos and they were friends she would never suspect because they were mutual friends of ours and we always spent time together. I had another couple deliver the signage I made myself to give to Boris ahead of the show and provide support if anything last minute came up. They were hidden in the crowd and watched the events unfold.

    Step 5: Plan it all out in your head. People ask me if I was nervous, not at all! I knew how she was going to act, and how to act when going up on stage, I even watched videos of people who were hypnotized and the movie “The Kings Speech” to help with my stuttering to make the act convincing.

    This proposal couldn’t have happened without the support of great friends and generous strangers. Christine and I have a memory we will never forget.

    We were in the news too!


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