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  • Hydrogen Pump adds Browns Gas (HHO) to Subaru

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    While the 2008 financial crisis, has been identified as starting with credit default swaps and the collapse of the US housing market, it is deeply intertwined with the US addiction to cheap oil. People went into massive debt over giant suburban homes, massive SUVs and consumer goods that all were made possible by cheap oil. While the weakness of the housing and credit markets was know for a very long time, the collapse was immediately preceded by an unprecedented spike in the cost of fuel with nearly a 400% increase in the price of gas in the last 5 years before the crash. As we climb out of this mess we cannot count on fossil fuel to be cheap. It is possibly the best thing for us, because it give the average person the chance to think in ways they never have before to solve the problem. Browns Gas is a carbon free way to generate energy that may play a very important role in our new green future.

    “THE DISCOVERY OF BROWN’S GAS” Born in 1922 in Bulgaria, Yull Brown went to Australia in 1958 as an electrical engineer with a deep belief that Jules Vernes vision of “There is fire in water”, could be realized. He worked as an unknown laboratory technician until he could develop his own laboratory. By 1978 Professor Yull Brown was being described by The Australian Post as “the most talked about inventor in Australia today”. He “discovered” in the early 1970′s a proprietary method of water electrolysis that yields a nonexplosive mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas in the precise atom-to-atom ratio of two volumes of hydrogen to one volume of oxygen.

    Professor Yull Brown discovered that hydrogen and oxygen gas can be safely mixed (plus or minus 5 percent) if that ration is strictly maintained. The result is Brown’s Gas, a hydrogen and oxygen mixture that can be economically generated, compressed, and used safely. In Professor Brown’s process, the hydrogen and oxygen gases are immediately and intimately mixed at exactly the right ratio (the scientific term is “stoichiometric mix”). Brown’s Gas is produced within an electrolysis cell, without membranes and with safety, invented by Professor Yull Brown.

    Learn what you can do to save the earth.

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