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  • Hydrogen Electrolysis – 1 Part 3

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    This video shows more of what is going on inside an HHO cell.

    When our 12 volt DC power source is connected to the cell, the electrical pressure causes current to flow from one tube to another; negative to positive. A magnetic field is created around the tubes. You can see it drawing the tiny bubbles down towards the bottom of the cell. They then cycle back to the top, between the tubes. The outside tube has the most influence on the bubbles moving in a downward direction. The magnetic flux movement is from North to South on the outside and South to North on the inside of the tubes.

    Electrolysis takes place on the surface of the tubes. Therefore, surface area on the tubes plays a part in the quantity of HHO that can be produced. When DC voltage is applied to the tubes it causes a chemical reaction in the water molecules. The water molecules H+ ions become attracted to the Negative Cathode in the cell, and OH- ions become attracted to the Positive Anode. The byproduct is HH gas on the Cathode tube and O gas on the Anode tube. In other words, the release of the positive hydrogen and negative oxygen gas.

    If you could get down to eye level with the waters surface, you would see tiny bubbles jumping out of the water and popping. Looks similar to those caused by pouring carbonated water. The popping of the bubbles sets the gas free as it rises.

    The hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air.

    I must apologize; this cell was using electrolyes at the time. It was not straight water. Thank you aspert for asking.

    I must also apologize for the time it took to fill the balloon. We found a leak in the seal of our lid, when it was under pressure. We switched to a thicker O-ring and solved the problem.

    Part 4 of this video shows the potential power of these two gases being mixed together and ignited. What is left over after the explosion? You guessed it — Water. You Electrolyze water, burn the gases it releases and you get your water back. Wow; you use it – and get it back. How could we ever run out of energy?

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