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  • HURENKARUSSELL – Sexual child abuse – a social awareness film.

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    Marie is a young prostitute. One day she learns that one of her suitors abuses his 12 year old daughter. In this scene Marie has a very symbolic nightmare.

    Hurenkarussell was made in 2007. It was presented by the women’s right group of Amnesty International in Vienna as one of only a few films that are telling the truth about prostitution and child abuse. Hurenkarussell is a shocking movie that stands up and speaks against violence and child abuse.

    the full movie is available online at:
    (region 2, PAL DVD / full english subtitles on the main movie)

    on VIDEO ON DEMAND at:

    Cajetan Jacob is an independent film director from Austria. His stories are secret love, lesbian relationships threatened by a brutal sect, prostitution, child abuse – not your everyday film experience but nevertheless very thought-provoking dramas. In 2000 Bettina Hutterer and Cajetan Jacob founded their production company GRUPPE:filmkunst Their biggest festival hit so far was “Hurenkarussell” a feature film drama, telling the story of a young prostitute who turns into a hero and saves little Anna from defilement by her father!
    In May 2012 the producer of Hurenkarussell, Bettina Hutterer released the dramatic lesbian love story “The False Heart”. It was an instant success in Upper Austria. “The False Heart” features brilliant young performers in a dramatic lesbian love story. The lesbian/gay magazine “Pride” called it world cinema from a local artist. In October 2013 it was presented by Llamale H, a lesbian film festival in Uruguay.

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