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  • Hungry Bengal Kitten (Impatient Kitty)

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    This is the original video that went viral in 2007. It appeared on the Tonight Show on 3-20-08, on Oops TV in England on 3-09-09, and America’s Cutest Cat on Animal Planet on 11-13-10.

    Please read this before you scream “ANIMAL ABUSE”. This kitten was being fed canned food twice a day and was not starving. You can see a brown bowl of chow on the counter. She was not a stray; she was young and thin. She was completely unharmed on the rounded edge of the can. I did not touch her with the fork. Even a kitten that is well-fed will go crazy for canned food. We simply decided to video our cute new kitten eating and this is what happened. It is a harmless candid video that turned out to be very funny.

    Enjoy the priceless moment!!

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