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  • Hugh Laurie – All we gotta do (sub. spanish)

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    Letra original:

    Well, the poor keep getting hungry,
    and the rich keep getting fat
    Politicians change,
    but they’re never gonna change that.
    You and me, girl,
    we got the answer, right in our hands
    All we gotta do is…

    Well, the winds of war are blowin’,
    and the tide is comin’ in
    Don’t you be hopin’ for the good times, because the good times have already been.
    But, girl, we got the answer,
    it’s so easy you won’t believe
    All we gotta do is…

    It’s so easy, to see
    If only they’d listen, to you and me.
    We got to… as fast as we can
    We got to… every woman, every man
    We got to… time after time
    We got to… lager and lime.

    Well, the world is gettin’ weary,
    and it wants to go to bed
    Everybody’s dyin’,
    except the ones who are already dead.
    The answer we are thinking
    Is starin’ us right in the face
    All we gotta do is
    All we gotta do is
    All we gotta do is…

    Gracias a Neti Atutiplén por darme permiso para apoyarme en su traducción.

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