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  • Hudson Cop Rescues Deer – Lance Wheeler Video

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    Heroic and compassionate. Police are often asked to perform some unusual and

    challenging jobs. Hudson Police Officer, Kevin Sweet,

    got to use some “off duty” skills when he visited his

    mother’s home Tuesday morning. Sweet was greeted by

    a young deer wrapped tightly in Christmas lights.

    The lights were drapped around its legs and neck. Clearly,

    the deer didn’t know what to do and was in distress.

    The veteran cop, armed with only his IPhone and knife,

    slowly made his way to the shocked deer. Sweet comforted the deer by talking calmly…while trying to free the deer.

    Sweet captured this unusual confrontation and rescue

    on his IPhone.

    Later in the day, and on duty, Sweet tells us about his

    deer rescue.

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