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  • How YouTube Works – Computerphile

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    How does YouTube work and why do videos buffer? See more in the full description.

    Our thanks to the staff at YouTube for giving us their time.

    Characters, Symbols & the Unicode Miracle:
    YouTube’s Secret Algorithm: COMING SOON!

    Video by Sean Riley and Brady Haran.

    NOTE ONE: This was filmed at YouTube HQ in San Bruno. It was filmed before the much-discussed changes were made to YouTube comments section – we have not asked questions about that.

    NOTE TWO: This is a Computerphile video – it was NOT made by YouTube or reflect the company’s official views. Staff were kind enough to answer some of our questions (well, most of them), but they did not edit the video or “approve” it – any mistakes in the editing or animations are most likely our own.

    NOTE THREE: A video about the YouTube algorithm (how videos are recommended) is coming soon to Computerphile – so you really should subscribe.

    NOTE FOUR: The snowboarder is Sean!

    NOTE FIVE: Music on snowboarding film courtesy Hudson Super Six

    Why views stick at 301:

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