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  • How Your Favorite Characters Got Their Names

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    Ever wonder why Katniss is named Katniss?
    Based on a BuzzFeed post
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    Kovacs Kalman — New 2013 Trance


    “Return of the Jedi 1983″ from

    “Akira 1990″ from

    “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004″ from

    “OZ the Great and Powerful” from

    “Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring 2001″ from

    “Hunger Games 2012″ from

    “Doctor Who 2013″ from

    “Game of Thrones” from

    “Star Trek” from


    “Portrait of a happy retired senior woman watching television” by nemke/Shutterstock Premier

    “Universal film/academy leader countdown, made using 35mm celluloid strip.” By dubassy/Shutterstock Premier

    “Tv Noise” by mehmetcan/Shutterstock Premier

    “Blank 8mm film projected on screen with flickr.” By Noel Powell/Shutterstock Premier


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