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  • How to rewire an old washing machine motor to generate free power

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    A detailed step by step guide showing the entire process of rewiring the kelvinator F&P (kelvinator) smartdrive washing machine motor stator to produce free electricity for off-the-grid living. Suitable for most 12 – 30 volt applications. Once rewired, all you need is a way to spin the motor to produce enough power to run the average energy efficient home or supplement a solar powered home. Attach it to a windmill, hydro turbine, water wheel, biogas engine or even a bicycle. The power from the motor will charge a battery bank connected to a 120v or 240v dc-ac inverter to run ordinary household appliances, lights, heating etc. Follow this link to see how to make a water powered generator using this motor This has been powering my house for over 2 years & is still running as strong as the day I built it.

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